Iggy Azalea Trap Gold

I remember the first time I met DC Emcees Jay Mills, Maria J the Postergirl and Cedes at Pure for a relief concert in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was at that moment that I saw the hardwork and dedication each of these female emcees put into their craft and made me wonder why they didnt have major attention. Watching each command the stage and mic proved it was all about the skill and not just a pretty face, sex appeal or gimmicks. Consequently, I made it my mission to collab with them. Im 1 of 3 on the collab but that’s another story for another time. After numerous other performances (male & female) I left with probably the most life changing, thought altering statement of my life from these ladies. They said, “Dont call me a FEMCEE! I am an EMCEE! Does my gender limit my lyrical ability?” I was speechless due to the depth and complexity of the statement/question. I didnt look at the term disrespectfully but they’re statement resonated with me loud and clear.

Fast forward to October 2012 and im listening to the Grand Hustle, G.D.O.D. (Get Dough or Die), Hustle Gang first lady, Iggy Azalea! Now anybody that knows me knows I absolutely love Iggy. This is project 4 or 5 for Iggy and not dismissing the growth and obvious TI Influence, Iggy has stayed true to herself. Despite her major label deal with Interscope falling through when she aligned with Grand Hustle, Iggy has stayed in the mainstream eye. Where it be for her useless beef with NY rapper Azalea Banks, major features (where she more than held her own) or the major endorsements! With all the accomplishments Iggy has achieved she hasn’t forgotten nor forsaken what got her here, the MUSIC!

On the Trap Gold EP, Iggy has only one feature and it’s from southern legend, Juicy J. This speaks volumes for 2 reasons:

  • It’s from someone outside of her clique and yet its a legend in the game and he co-signs her ability as an artist and
  • She proves that she doesnt need her team to make her hot (like a French Montana)

Her last EP, Glory, featured 2 of her biggest singles, “Murda Buziness” feat TI and “Millionaire Misfits” ft B.O.B. Iggy also caught flack and her lyrical ability questioned due to her XXL Freshmen cypher. Now Glory showed that she can make good music but it appeared [on a grand scale]  she needed help. Fresh off the Hustle Gang cypher at the BET Hip Hop Awards, not only was she apart of arguably one of the best cyphers (comparable only to the Ruff Ryders) but her verse was better than 80% of those who participated. If we are comparing it to the other females that spit then she was bested only by Eve but then I could be slightly biased because its great to here Eve spit.

“Trap Gold” picks up where Glory left off. She is cocky, braggadocious and evolves along with her status in life. With every track, I hear the hunger of Ignorant Art while embracing the evolution of her surroundings and situation. This album showcases the direction of Hip Hop with the dance and experimental musical influence like the Diplo produced “Yo El Rey” or the FKi produced “Quicktime.” She keeps it gutter with Juicy J on “Flexin & Finessin” and then sexily gutter on ” 1800 Bone.” These are the standout tracks or the ones I grooved hardest too but this is 11 song album is no slouch. Iggy by far is NOT to be slept on. If you dont know yet, you really need to get familiar. You can cop the album here:


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