WOW! Life has been moving a mile a minute. The #LALifestyle can be very overwhelming and is truly a survival of the fittest culture. This is the west coast epicenter of entertainment. Everybody is an artist, actor/actress, entertainer or some form of affiliate to one of the previously mentioned. Its amusing at how many people claim they are on their grind but are stagnant. Is it because of LA’s hurry up and wait mentality? Well I refuse to become complacent and get caught up in the trap. If life has taught me nothing else it has taught me this, “You cant count on anyone else to do what you wont do for yourself.” So with that being said, let’s relaunch this blog and actually bring my vision to fruition. This is more than an occasional blog for reviews. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF LUVA LAND MUSIC and its affiliates, as well as, an in depth look into our culture and what matters to us.

Going forth, forward, avanti, this is the NEW DESTINATION OF GREATNESS. We will be introducing you to the NEW LEADERS of the FUTURE via interviews and events (both major and minor) whose goal is simply to uplift and inform the community. However, we are not all business all the time this is most definitely the place to be to ROCK OUT! As a DMV native, LA transplant, you will meet the who’s who of the U.S. You will have the privilege of meeting young business moguls like Joeline “J Beauty” Bennett and #TEAMPRETTY and Vernon Davis (of Buckle Down Finance and the FeteLife) to underground sensations like Jared Brady and Sam3 (of Triple G’z Ent). The music reviews that you have come to love will still be here (consistently…LOL!), new weekly music drops to keep you ahead of the curve and we’ve even added to the staff! So look forward to the contributions from the new writers! I will introduce the new staff to you guys in a later post.

Lastly and most importantly, it is my (our) goal to keep the integrity of the blog intact and remain scathingly, unflinching in its content. Everything posted will e done tastefully but are the sole opinions and discretion of the writer. This will by no means be a place of shock value but will be unapologetically true to itself. Remember truth is subjective – what may be your truth, may not be mine and vice versa. So let’s spark conversation and debate. ALL COMMENTS, QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS ARE WELCOME AND NEEDED!!

Let’s make history…




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