Ladies & Gentleman this is the debut of #TURNITUPTHURSDAY!!! This is a showcase of up and coming talent and selfless self promotion and some well known talent. You will be privy to YOU HEAR IT FIRST singles and videos and in this debut edition you will be privy to a few tracks that have been released with lowkey buzz and a couple new ones, as well as, a new video from Jared Brady. Let’s get it!!

These are the first 2 singles from “A Cluttered Mind” by Trey Luva. Album coming soon…

Padded Walls feat Antwoinne & Tese Fever

Imagination – Trey Luva feat Antwoinne, Mina Leon & Sam3

This is the 1st single from “Heartbreak, Love & Everything In Between: The Warm-Up”

Gettin Em Remix feat Sammie & 2 Chainz

Grab your popcorn and take a seat as we introduce you to Jared Brady and “Runaway”

If you like what you hear feel free to reach out to the artist and let em know. Also make sure you tell em that you heard exclusively here at #EFTF. The artist spotlighted here can be found on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Jared BradyTese FeverAntwoinneSam3Mina Leon and Trey Luva


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